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Castle of the Valley

 (CotV) is the tale of a traveler on the road to the valley kingdom of Tal Bergfried. Before he enters the Kingdom though he is robbed and is only saved when a passing dragon causes a landslide. With nothing but the clothes on his back he moves forward to new adventures in the Valley. 

CotV is a RPG Roguelike inspired by Castle of the Winds by Rick Saada in 1989.

The game is still in a very early stage of development. Thanks for giving it a try and let me know of the good, the bad, and the ugly so that I may continue to improve it.

Build 2019.8.21
 Added opening scene

 Added Double check to buy selling
 Added herbalist
 Added Mushroom identify

  Added Stats to gear menu
 Added Location

 Added floors to dungeon
 Added fog of war
 Added pick up all button
 Added Setting Menu

 Added more flavor text to map

 UI Color Change

 bug fix

 some spelling and grammar fixed


CotV 2019.8.21.zip 17 MB

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