The Minotaur is going to kill you. RUN and don't stop until you find your way out.

Use WASD QEZC to move. OR for the Germans use WASD QEYC to move.

Game should work fine in Firefox, Chrome and Edge. May have problems in IE.


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Funny game. I like the vocal sound effects and I feel they match the aesthetic of the game quite well. The addition of the diagonal movement option is a very clever way to make navigating the maze a simple yet fun challenge, especially with the stress of being chased. I do feel like there is no way to "win" though, which in my opinion is a shame.  It doesn't have to be a way to escape the maze but I think if there was some feedback on my "performance" it would be more interesting.

Thank you I had a lot of fun with the sound effects. There is a way out and a win screen. The maze is three floors and on the top floor is a exit. Not easy to get to but with some practice, differential but doable. 

Great little minotaur maze game! I wasn't able to figure out the diagonal movement, but still really enjoyed the custom sound effects and gameplay. One suggestion I do have is that for those really LONG passage ways it might be good to add a bit of variety to your tiles, since it will help show the player that they are actually moving and that their game did not freeze. Great job overall! 


Q E Z and C buttons are the diagonal movement. They can be tricky. Yeah the long passage ways was the number one issue people had and I agree if I had more time to play test and find people had this issue I would have done more variety. Now I know to keep a eye out for this kind of issue in future projects. Thanks for the feedback

It's complicated to get the hang of going in diagonal movement. Still, good job for the jam!

Thank you and yeah it does take some practices.